Dragging the Old West kicking and screaming into the Space Age


A few of the “Fiction Clemens” Reviews from 2008/09

CHUD.com Review – 4/17/08

Broken Frontier Review – 3/13/08

Life in a Splash Page Blog – 5/2/08

Onirique Comics 7.0 – 07/09 (a french review blog)

Broken Frontier Reviews the Trade – 5/23/12

Voyages Extraordinaires Review – 7/1/08

Fool Britannia Review – 4/2/08 (third review on the page)

Comics Bulletin Review

Fic Review at SpaceWesterns.Com – 9/2/08

Podcast Interview with Josh Wagner


“A futuristic western meets Alice in Wonderland or perhaps OZ, and that really doesn’t do the overall insanity of the book justice…There’s nothing quite like Fiction Clemens on the market.” – Newsarama

“A cowboy tale, a time-leaping fantasy, and a Tex Avery cartoon wrapped all into one slickly drawn and cleverly written package…This is adventure and intellectualism beyond the norm of what you usually see on the racks and one of the most entertaining reads and beautifully drawn comics to come from Ape Entertainment.” – Aint It Cool News

“This is something fresh, hilarious and entertaining…the kind of story that makes reading comics worthwhile.” – CHUD.com / Thor’s Hammer