Dragging the Old West kicking and screaming into the Space Age


Fic Collection on Amazon

The complete “Fiction Clemens” Graphic Novel is finally available on Amazon. Printed entirely from cactus fibers and cactus ink. Free shipping, even! You can also order the book directly from the author and have it signed, personalized, or otherwise defiled.

The trade is 156 full-color pages and includes killer pinups by Camilla d’Errico, Chris Moreno, Kiva Singh, Anthony Gregori, Freedom Lee Drudge, and William Childress. Get it while it’s hot (but not so hot it will burn the roof of your mouth… more like somewhere between piping hot and comfortably toasty).

Trade Paperback Coming Soon

The award-winning graphic series “Fiction Clemens” will be released in a collected edition on May 31st.

When Fiction Clemens first came out in 2008 it received critical acclaim from nearly every major comics news outlet. The trade release for this psychedelic fable about a cosmic conspiracy to push an old west world into the space age will feature a new cover by original artists Joiton and Alek Marmontel, along with pinups from a variety of artists, including Camilla d’Errico and Chris Moreno.  The book will be designed by Shadowline virtuoso Tim Daniel.

“A futuristic western meets Alice in Wonderland or perhaps OZ,
and that really doesn’t do the overall insanity of the book justice…
There’s nothing quite like Fiction Clemens on the market.”

“This is something fresh, hilarious and entertaining…
the kind of story that makes reading comics worthwhile.”